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SIPS Panel Eco Design Batemans Bay

What are SIPS Panels?

SIPS, no its not what your mum shouts at you when you are gulping your juice down too quickly. It stands for Structural Insulated Panels.

This house design in Catalina, Batemans Bay, uses structural insulated panels. They are composite panels which come prefabricated and slot together to form the walls and roof of the house.


In this case, the products used were from the company Versiclad. Clients often come to PdD Building Design and ask us about prefabricated construction and off-site SIP panels. There are pros and cons to using them and with our expertise and knowledge of construction techniques we can talk you through affordable options and the environmental impacts of alternative building methods such as this.


One benefit of this material, as when used as a roofing structure, is that you can have a very large cantilever. This resulted in the house design having a very large covered deck with no columns supporting the roof. Internally the building has a very modern and contemporary floor plan.


Modern Interior Design

The interior design is high spec, minimalist and sleek. The kitchen has modern clean lines, with a hidden walk in pantry. All doors and windows are square set using Easy Jamb, this gives a very clean and light modern feel to the building design.  Aluminium Plantation shutters  are used for privacy and as solar shading.

If you would like to build your own modern environmentally friendly home, contact us for more information.

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