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Rosedale BAL40 Pole House

The sloping site and tree-change outlook informed this contemporary pole-house home design, which aims to maximise the bushland setting in Rosedale on the NSW south coast. The BAL40 bushfire rating was influential in the design process, resulting in Colorbond and Hardie fibre-cement sheet products being chosen as exterior cladding.

The skillion rooflines are translated into the interior and used to delineate zones within the large rooms. Similarly, material features such as the recycled brick chimney, natural stone island benchtop and high-level windows offer focal points which serve to punctuate the open plan living area. The quality of finish that Green Homes South-East NSW are renowned for is evident in the detailing throughout this contemporary tree-change home.

Expansive hardwood decking with simple balustrading extends the living spaces outdoors and exaggerates the elevation enjoyed by the dwelling as the topography falls away, an architectural experience which is inherent to pole houses and showcases the site.

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