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Mossy Point Knockdown Rebuild-08.jpg

Sustainable Knock Down Rebuild Mossy Point

What do you do with a beach shack in Mossy Point that has seen better days?


We can advise you if it is worth saving the coastal architecture and renovating, or if it is time for a new floor plan and a knockdown rebuild. 


In this case, the bones of the house were beyond saving. The cladding was asbestos, the deck was rotten and the foundations were moving. It had passed its useful life span. However, the clients had happy childhood memories of the place, of beach holidays and coastal relaxation and they wanted to keep the essence of the building in a new affordable house design. Step in PdD Building Design, Accredited Building Designers. We produced floor plans and an overall building design that kept some elements of the beach shack and incorporated it into a contemporary modern house design.

What are some of the key elements of a coastal building design that we can use?

Well it's not damp walls and asbestos for a start!! But it is elements like the simple skillion roof, bench seats, window seats and daybeds. External decks on numerous sides of the building to allow for internal external living whichever way the ocean is blowing. And it is still the use of fibro sheeting. Fibro cement sheeting can be called FC sheeting or cement panelling and it no longer contains asbestos as a binding agent. Today cellulose is used and the most popular manufacture is still James Hardie. They offer the classic weatherboard material, as well as flat FC sheeting and other modern products such as sycon or axion cladding. This simple FC sheeting can produce an affordable eco home design and a good example is Paul Dolphin's 4 bedroom home in Malua Bay. This house is about to be built by Peter Jirgens and we will update images of the construction as it progresses.