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How to design an affordable Sustainable Home

Do you want to build an eco house but you are confused between Solar Passive, low energy, thermal mass and insulation, embodied energy and carbon footprints? Have a listen to our webinar and all will become clear. Paul Dolphin has specialised in sustainable design and eco technology for over 20 years, he is an accredited Sustainable Design Specialist who simplifies the design process in these webinars.

How do you design a sustainable house that is low cost to build and low cost to run?
Our answer is to design using what we call 'the middle way' of sustainability. This often involves using conventional materials to get a sustainable outcome. It also involves focusing on the elements of the building design that will give you the biggest eco bang for your buck.

Paul has run webinars with Eurobodalla Shire Council and the community group South Coast Health and Sustainability Alliance, and we now offer them on a regular basis through Zoom. We talk through the eight key elements in the building design you need to focus on to achieve an eco-house design including; solar passive design, thermal mass as well as discussing key material choices such as double gazing and hot water and space heating. There is also a question and answer facility so you can really start to understand how to start your sustainable home journey.

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