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Braidwood Country Style Eco House Design based on the oxley Green homes floor plan drafted by PdD Building Design.

Braidwood Country Style Eco House Design

This country style eco house design was drafted up by PdD Building Design for Green Homes South EastThe project is based on the Oxley floor plan from Green Homes. It is a very popular option for clients on a rural block who are looking for a contemporary homestead design. This design is located near Braidwood and the finished product is another great example of house building by Green Homes SE.


Polished concrete and recycled brick

The internal flooring is polished concrete which acts as thermal mass to soak up the solar gain from the Northern windows. This is one of the finest polished concrete floors we have ever seen, take a look at the photos below! The external wall material is recycled brick which is also used for the wood heater fireplace.

If you would like to build your own country style eco home, contact Green Homes, or contact us for more information.

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