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Batemans Bay Sea Change House Design by Pdd Building design Surfside Batemans Bay beach shack coastal renovation

Batemans Bay Sea Change House Design

This beach shack coastal renovation was built in Batemans Bay. Many clients come to us requesting a modernisation of their existing beach shack. When this happens, we take the original architectural designs of the house and model up new options. Our focus is on retaining the original feel of the architecture whilst adding modern design.


A common theme is improving and modernising the floor plan, whilst keeping the coastal feel.


Often these houses are second homes or homes where people want to retire to. The common themes are a coastal design, beach shack feel, clean line design, and more often than not people want to walk into their sustainable home and go ‘aaahhhh’… and relax! This house was renovated by builder Peter Jirgens, and is located in Surfside, North of Batemans Bay.


The floor plan was designed to allow a connection to the ocean and to allow for cross ventilation in summer and Northern sun in winter. We also suggest affordable eco home design, and in this instance we used  James Hardie Fibro Sheeting on the sides of the building to save money. The front and rear has a standard Weatherboard to give that classic coastal design.

Are you looking for a sea change to the South Coast?

PdD Building Design is a sustainable building design company who can help you with your coastal renovation as well as help with floor plans and eco friendly house designs for any kind of renovation.

If you would like to build your own sea change home, contact us for more information.

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