Moruya Bush Setting House Deck.jpg

Moruya Bush Setting House

The house was designed by Paul and is intended to showcase how specifying the correct materials can result in a sustainable house at no extra cost.


The house features blockwork walls and an exposed concrete floor for thermal mass.


A lot of work has been done to improve indoor air quality, with virtually no treated timber internally and low or zero VOC paints and sealers throughout.


A stainless steel kitchen provides a kitchen that off gasses no formaldehyde and also looks pretty neat!


This build proves you can be sustainable, have a smart looking home and stay well below the average build cost. ​ The house was built by James McCarthy with amazing attention to detail- if you want his contact details drop me an email. ​ We recently added a detached office build by the fantastic Peter Jirgens

If you would like to build your own sustainable home, contact us for more information.